Take your brokerage business to the next level with custom branded MT4 private labels. Fully-hosted solutions come with proprietary back-office tools, and ancillary software bundles that provide you with real-time control over every aspect of your service.

Take advantage of the years of extensive experience and knowledge that is built into our White Label solution. Our White Label Solution allows access to a first in its class trading platform which offers the complete range of administrative tools. Our White Label Solution allows you to join the financial revolution in retail Forex.

What are the benefits?

Enabling your trading requirements

We provide you with your own branded website and trading platforms in addition to software and price feeds. Furthermore, you will be provided with white labelled client support center to facilitate your entry into the industry. As a white label partner, you will have the ability to offer your clients complete access to the international currency markets with absolute brand autonomy.

Building your brand

Becoming a WL partner with MBA gives you access to state-of-the-art trading technology and established back-office systems. Our white label solutions enable companies to focus on increasing revenues instead of spending time concentrating on product development or operational risk failures. Through a managed service you will be able to go live quickly and easily without the need to purchase hardware, software or staff operations as all of these features are available through the partnership.

Comprehensive turnkey solution

Our bespoke white label partnership programme includes an online demo system, marketing materials, a full-feature trading application, and 24/5 technical support and service.

Complete back office support

Get unlimited access to a comprehensive back-office suite of income statements and client reports. Information about the business generated by your clients is available in real time. You will have access to in-depth statistics regarding the commission you earn, the trading volumes generated by your clients and much more.

Flexible earning plans

We offer various earning plans catered to the needs of our white label partners. Partners can provide identical trading conditions and product specifications as MBA. The white label partner will then receive a percentage of the bid/ask spread from the trading volume generated by clients of the white label partner.

We can also offer institutional pricing, while the white label partner is given the flexibility to markup the spread and benefit from earning on the spread difference. Furthermore, partners can charge a fixed commission on client transactions, enabling them to earn the full amount.

How to become White Label Partner?

  • Contact us about a white label partnership
  • Base Capital
  • Determine the specific type of partnership you would like to set up
  • Establish compensation terms and client trading conditions
  • Complete, sign and submit the white label partnership agreement
  • Work with our specialists to develop your branded website and platform design
  • Launch your business