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Foreign Exchange

The Forex or Foreign Exchange Market or FX Market for short is the largest and most liquid market in the world with well in excess of 4 Trillion USD traded every day. Forex is one of the fastest growing markets in the world today and represents a significant profit opportunity for successful investors.

MBA offers a full-service trading environment to access and take advantage of this huge online market. Our best trading conditions and technologies offer a number of significant benefits to traders choosing to trade forex with us, MbaTrade.com:

Precious Metals

With us, traders have the opportunity to trade spot metals such as Gold (XAU) and Silver (XAG). Both metals are highly priced as alternative instruments to diversify an investment portfolio for both short-term and long-term investment opportunities.


The energies sector offers the trading of energy products, specifically crude oil and natural gas. Energies are innately volatile markets because of the direct impact world events can have on supply. So trade oil and gas now with MBA and enjoy the benefits of these markets as they allow for fast and efficient trade execution.


Match your interests and market expertise to trade commodities with CFDs. Contracts for Differences are contracts that mirror the profit and loss of a commodity as the difference between the purchase price and selling price. MBA offers CFD trading on major soft commodities such as coffee, sugar, corn, etc. CFDs are derivative products that allow you to trade on live market price movements without actually owning the underlying instrument.

Global Indices

In its most commonly traded form, an index is a value that represents the weighted average of a group of stocks. Financial indices operate worldwide, with the major financial centres being based in London, New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo. As different indices focus on different market sectors, they can be good indicators of the market condition of different countries and industries. For this reason, trading indices can be – and often is – referred to as ‘trading the markets’.


Bitcoin, Litecoin, Namecoin and Peercoin proved to have great potential for investment and speculation, due to their high volatility and dramatic price moves.You can now trade cryptocurrencies and enjoy all the benefits of ECN execution and most importantly you are trading against other market participants, not against the broker.