High Speed Trading For Day Traders

Fortex 6 brings the power and market depth of the Fortex platform directly to individual traders.

Get sub-millisecond speed and high availability combined with direct access to liquidity and razor-thin spreads. The intuitive Fortex 6 interface is designed to optimize desktop, web-based, and mobile trading. And it’s algo-ready.

mba fortex

Any Platform Any Device

Initially available for the desktop, Fortex 6 runs on Windows, Linux, and MacOS operating systems. Fortex 6 Web is an HTML5 browser that delivers a completely interactive experience on any device without having to download or install separate software.

Direct Access to Tier 1 Liquidity

The Fortex ECN platform offers direct access to Tier 1 liquidity from all major money center banks. Gain instant, low-cost Straight-Through Processing (STP) of your orders at razor-thin spreads, as well as powerful trading features unmatched by any other FX platform on the market. Get real-time executable streaming quotes from more than 50 liquidity providers for over 80 global currency pairs as well as metal, energy and CFD products.

Trade with AlgoX

Fortex 6 includes AlgoX, an algorithmic trading engine that allows you to script your own automated trading strategies. Fortex AlgoX uses open, industry-standard programming languages, including JavaScript and C#. Fortex AlgoX also compatible with MT4 Expert Advisor for even greater flexibility.

Elegant Interface

Fortex 6 has designed with the mobile and browser user experience in mind to deliver the industry’s most elegant interface. Clean, intuitive, and simple to use, Fortex 6 ensures a consistent user experience everywhere in the application. Fortex 6 is available in multiple languages.