Platform & Trading

Is it possible to be logged in to several accounts at once?

Yes. Although you cannot be logged in to multiple accounts from one instance of MetaTrader 4, you can open several instances (separate MetaTrader 4 instances running at the same time on your computer) and log in to different accounts accordingly.

Is it possible to access the same account from different computers?

Yes. As long as you have the correct login details, you can login to the platform from any computer, provided your connection settings are correct and the connection is not being blocked by a firewall or your Internet Service Provider.

Can I change the time zone on my platform?

No, you cannot change the time offset on the MetaTrader 4 platform. The platform time is GMT +2, although during US Daylight Savings Time the platform changes to GMT +3 to stay in line with the 5pm New York market close.

Where can I view my trading history?

The trading history can be seen by clicking on the “Account History” tab in the ‘Terminal’, at the lower part of your MetaTrader 4 platform. You can also modify your view timeframes and access reporting features by right clicking on any row in your account history view.

What happens to my open positions when I log out of MetaTrader 4?

Open positions will not be closed until an existing stop loss, take profit or stop out level is reached. Existing limit orders will still be filled if the entry rate is met.

Please note for Trailing Stop orders your MetaTrader 4 platform must be open and logged in.

Can I use robots in MetaTrader 4?

Yes. You can use any and all EAs (Expert Advisors) available by third party providers. MBA does not restrict the use of any strategy or EA

Can custom indicators be used in MetaTrader 4?

Yes, you can use any custom indicators that are MQL compatible. Failing to download a custom indicator can occur as a result of coding issues on the side of the indicator creator.

How many Expert Advisors and indicators can I run at one time?

There is no restriction to the number of EAs and indicators you can have running at any one time on MetaTrader 4. That said, it is important to understand that MetaTrader 4 is a RAM sensitive program. Overloading your platform with a large number of EAs and indicators can reduce the performance and speed of your MT4 platform. In addition, EAs may have conflicting strategies and risk profiles and can comprise each other when attached to one single trading account. Therefore, it is recommended to split your EAs across multiple trading accounts and platforms.

What is a Pips?

A “pip” is the smallest whole increment in any Forex pair. For pairs quoted in 5 decimal points, a pip increment is based on the fourth decimal. For pairs quoted in 3 decimal points, a pip increment is based on the second decimal. The value of a pip is determined by the currency of your account and the pair you are trading. If the quote currency is the same as your account currency, then a 1 pip move equals 10 account currency units per 100,000 traded.

What is Spread?

The spread is the difference between the bid price (selling price) and the ask price (buying price).

What is Leverage?

The leverage of your account is the multiplier of your purchasing power that determines the amount of margin required for every trade. The higher the leverage, the more purchasing power you have.

What is the difference between spot trading and CFD (contract for differences)?

CFD ‘Contract for Differences’ is an arrangement made in a futures contract whereby differences in settlement are made through cash payments, rather than the delivery of physical goods or securities.While Spot Trading is the purchase or sale of a foreign currency or commodity for immediate delivery.

Trading Account

How can i open real account?

Applying Online It is fast and secure; you can complete and submit your application online.

Please click here, Then, choose the desired account type, fill the corresponding form and your account will be opened shortly.

How many account types MBA offers?

We offers 3 type of trading account.
Please click here

How long does taking opening live account?

A trading account can take up to 24 hours to be approved and opened once the client has completed our registration process and uploaded their documents.

What documents are required to open an MBA live account?

  • Clear Copy of a valid passport, national ID card or photocard driving licence.
  • Clear Copy of a recently dated (within 4 months) utility bill, bank statement, credit card statement to proof your address.

All file must be png, jpg, jpeg, gif with the max. size 300kb

How can i open a demo account?

Please click here, and complete the application form.

Does my MT4 Demo account expire?

Demo accounts expire after 30 days. To get a new demo account, in the MetaTrader 4 platform go to File>Open an account and you can generate a new login and password.

How does the Demo Account compare to a Live Account?

Demo accounts are intended to offer you an opportunity to become familiar with the software and to be able to ask general questions about their use cases.

The pricing and execution on demo accounts, while indicative of live pricing and execution, are not a mirror image of what you will see if you sign-up for a live account.

The pricing and execution are indicative and should give you a hint about how a live account would function.