We welcome different kinds of depositing methods. Choose the most convenient for you from the list of multiple fast payment providers. Fund your trading account and be prepared for forex markets!

Deposit Account

To fund your trading account, you can select one of the options below. If you require help in deciding which method to use, one of our representative can assist you. If you would like to transfer funds in a different currency, please contact our payment support at payments@mbatrade.co.uk.

Note: Third party payments and cash deposits are not permitted. Any funds received from third party accounts will be returned to the remitter; this may result in a delay in your account being activated and/or credited.


Fund Withdrawal

Please note that although we endeavour to process all requests for funds withdrawals on the same day of receipt (or the next business day if receipt is on a non-business day) we cannot always guarantee immediate payment.

Please note that it is company policy that fund withdrawals (“FW”) be paid back to the source of the original deposit.

In the event that you have funded your account by credit card, a FW will only be made in respect of the corresponding amount, back to your card. Requests for payments initially made by card to subsequently be paid back to your bank account, will be declined.

Where you have funded with more than one card, the same rule will apply and your FW will be made back to those cards from which we originally received your payment.

Payment Methods

Methods CCY Min. Amount Fees Max. Time
CREDIT/ DEBIT CARD USD $100 3% 30 Minutes Temporary not available
China Local Bank RMB ¥100 3% 2 hrs
Wei xin/ We Chat Pay RMB ¥100 3% 2 hrs
Thailand Local Bank THB THB 500 3% 2 hrs
SWIFT WIRE USD/EUR/GBP $/€/£ 1,000 $0* 3-5 DAYS
PaySec IDR Rp.1,000,000 3% 2 hrs
INDONESIA BANK IDR Rp.1,000,000 Rp.0* 30 Minutes
SKRILL USD $100 2% 30 Minutes
PAYEER USD $100 0% 30 Minutes
OKPAY USD $10 0.50%, Max. € 3.00 30 Minutes
PAYPAL USD $10 4.4% + $0.30 30 Minutes

*Bank charge may apply

Methods CCY Min. Amount Fees Max. Time
CREDIT/ DEBIT CARD USD $100 3% Temporary not available
PaySec RMB/THB/IDR ¥100/THB 500/Rp.1,000,000 3% 24 hrs
SWIFT WIRE USD/EUR/GBP $/€/£ 500 $30 3-5 DAYS
ATM BERSAMA* IDR Rp.1,000,000 Rp. 7,500 24 hrs
PAYPAL USD $100 4.4% + $0.30 24 hrs
PAYEER USD $100 1% 24 hrs
OKPAY USD $100 0.50%, Max: € 3.00 24 hrs
Skrill USD $100 2% 24 hrs

* Below IDR 3,000,000 bank fee IDR 7,500.